Kan lebih mahal nilai air mata itu kalau jatuhnya diatas tikar sejadah,apa guna dihabiskan airmata pada si dia yang telah pergi meninggalkan ku,sedangkan kasihnya Allah tak pernah pergi jauh dariku,aku bersyukur atas segala rahmat Mu,semoga dipermudahkan segala urusanku...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Im in dilemma!!

warghhh....what a stressful night..damm..I just know syamin just recieve a call from unimap that he had sucessful 2 further study at unimap...n he accept it..damm that guy..on the past day he keept asked me 2 reject any offer n stay 4 form 6...he said its had good prospec la(some sored like that la) bla..bla this...bla..bla that..fuk..now he gona leaved me alone with all the chinese man...damm..I would be "lelaki melayu terakhir" standing in science stream class in that school...ha3 xDD..haih..Its not a big deal 4 me 2 be the only malay altought it may be abit bored caused I always talking crap with him(mrapu2 dok kutuk org cause the other chinese don't know how 2 mrapu..ha3 xDD)...but its about the personal tution..firstly the fee 2 the tution 4 sure must be high cause I'm just singgle person compared before..n i would feel segan la if just alone in the tution...moreover without study partner the study would become more hard..my mother opinion just 2 ask me 2 wait 4 the january intake,wait 4 the appael 4 polytecnic or pre diploma at uitm..but I would rather wait 4 my repeat spm result..it would be more better altought I would be late 4 one year from my others friends cause I would reach my dream 2 be a mechanical engineer..huhu xDD

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