Kan lebih mahal nilai air mata itu kalau jatuhnya diatas tikar sejadah,apa guna dihabiskan airmata pada si dia yang telah pergi meninggalkan ku,sedangkan kasihnya Allah tak pernah pergi jauh dariku,aku bersyukur atas segala rahmat Mu,semoga dipermudahkan segala urusanku...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

message 2 all who try 2 MOVE ON!!!

"FORGET HER" forget her name, forget her face,her smile,her warm embrance... forget the love that you once knew... REMEMBER, SHE HAS SOMEONE NEW... forget her when her played your song... REMEMBER WHEN YOU CRIED ALL NITE LONG... forget how close you once were... REMEMBER, SHE HAS CHOSEN HIM... forget how you memorized her walk... forget the way she used to talk... forget the things she used to say... REMEMBER, SHE HAS GONE AWAY... forget her laugh, forget her grim... forget the way she held you tight... REMEMBER, SHE'S WITH HIM TONIGHT... forget the time that went so fast... forget the love that moved, its past... forget she said she's leave you never... REMEMBER!! SHE HAS GONE FOREVER...stop to pLay with fire cause there will always be a fire back,always..Remember that SHE WHO CHOOSE THIS WAY!!...oNce u loose it, u'll regret it Forever!!!..In life,love can came n go,we smile 4 it,laugh 4 it n sometimes cry 4 it,hurm..so painful..some started with friendship,n some just realised when its almose gone....sometimes just because 2 be appraciated,we do so many things without thinking altough some of them were ridiculous n sometime were silly...hurm...but some of us finally realised that our life is not a fairytail,n we need 2 start it over,just 4 one dream,its not mean we had 2 sacrifice our whole life,altought when our heart broken badly facing the reality,dont let its fall down,slowly gain courage n stand on our own feet n convince ourselves that we were walking in real world..eventought how much u know someone,u still cant judge n read their action or predic what's on their mind..In life,we had 2 learn 2 let go after we had try our best n put full effort on it because the more u wait,the more time u waste..start with heart,dream n fantasy,even how much strong our principe can be shaking cause we just a human,but if u felt that feeling just addmit it n said it before we loose n regret it..but as a human...only god knows what gona happen next in our life journey..but I know how the story begin,so its up 2 us 2 decide 2 choose weither 2 win or 2 loose,but hey..I'll choose 2 win!!!...^_^

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