Kan lebih mahal nilai air mata itu kalau jatuhnya diatas tikar sejadah,apa guna dihabiskan airmata pada si dia yang telah pergi meninggalkan ku,sedangkan kasihnya Allah tak pernah pergi jauh dariku,aku bersyukur atas segala rahmat Mu,semoga dipermudahkan segala urusanku...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The study begin :)

huhu..this what I'm waiting for..but actualy at first we did'nt study much because all the lecture still in be arrenged..but just a few la,the others lec just chatting2(cam mempekenalkan diri la)...then on the second week this when the study begin..huhu..at first I had En. Raman class(we usualy call him Pak raman)..huhu..he's the one who was happy go lucky type lec..he always making joke n teasing others 3 girl in my class..ha3 xD..sometimes I'll also been his target..ha3 xD..but he always punished people to do something interesting(die denda org suh smayang subuh seminggu kat pusat islam berjemaah)..thats mean that person had to wake up early in da morning because that time solat subuh is around 5.30 a.m if im not mistaken..huhu xD..so the person had 2 wake up more early because he had 2 take bath before going there..huhu..Pak Raman did had problem to check if the people realy came or not because he's the one who frequently became tok bilal(tukang azan) at the mosque for subuh,magrib and isyak prayer..so the people that been punished cannot try 2 skip or escape themselves..huhu..he's been to japan before for study..n he can speak well in japanese language..he always tell a story about his experience in japan..(waa~..made me so jelous!!.huhu xD)...he always said if we put enough effort in study we also can..but now he's not became my lec anymore because he had successful 2 further his study to germany in the level of Phd..(wah2 dia neh,blajaq cakap jerman pulak..best gler ah anak2 dia pun ikut gak..huhu xD)..but interesting things happened,he's been replaced by the gorgeus Miss Koa..huhu xD

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