Kan lebih mahal nilai air mata itu kalau jatuhnya diatas tikar sejadah,apa guna dihabiskan airmata pada si dia yang telah pergi meninggalkan ku,sedangkan kasihnya Allah tak pernah pergi jauh dariku,aku bersyukur atas segala rahmat Mu,semoga dipermudahkan segala urusanku...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Camp,Camp,Camp!!..huhu xD

Streching dlu nanti tergeliat plak nk dayung..huhu xD

Lawa jek un view..we are the mechy!!..^^

ResQ demo..penat sih wat neh..huhu xD

Aku yg terjatuh..huhu

Cool down..huhu

ne la makhluk yg menyebabkan kumpulan aku kena facial selut..abeh muka aku..ha3 xD

Akhirnya ada gak aktiviti koko yg menarik selain dari dok berkawad tengah hangat 2..huhu xD..layan gak sbub aku neh bkanya slalu sgt dok pi kem2 neh..the event place is at Pendang Lake Resort..huhu..The place not situated far from our place,just 30 to 40 minute by bus...our class leader arifin(upin n ipin ha3 xD) said we the lec asked him to tell the others to gathered at sport centre..on da way to the sport centre,just like usual,because of bored,we create alot of noise,we sang the jasa bonda song as loud as we can,the song that we must memorized at msk(minggu suai kenal)time,ha3..the others people from others block n others course get mad and start to yell at us mayb because they're sleeping on that time because of the hot weather..the lyrics suits well for them..'kau dibuai mimmpi indah dia jaga,kau bersenang dia bekerja'..ha3 xD...then the bus arrived at 1.30 pm,I choosed 2 sit with wan che ok(actualy his name is ridwan tapi sbub dah ramai sgt nama wan jadi terpaksa panggil ikut nama tempat diorg cam wan johor,wan sepang,wan sg buloh..huhu xD)..then we depart at 1.45,in the bus as usual we will create alot of noise..ha3 xD..just chatting and make stupid jokes,wkakak xD... then we arrived there at 2.45 am, then after bring down our things form the bus the lec order we to solat zohor first at the near mosque before we started our activity,after raised up our tent then we done one of the best activies here the water confidence!!..huhu xD..we will be given a life jacket after wearing it we were realeased in the middle of the lake..n will be asked to swim until we reach the shore..its was realy fun but this makes me so tired meh~!!.. ha3 xD..actualy I'm not a very good swimmer,but that's not mean I dont now how to swim..so because of that I be left behind..huhu..the perpose of this activities is to gain more confidence in us..huhu xD..after that we had our lunch..wah2..so starving that time because the loss of energy due to the swimming..huhu...after eating we had a bath then took solat asar together..on the night,we had a demo about cpr and briefing about kayak..huhu xD...luckily I did'nd had 2 do the cpr demo..huhu xD..the briefing abouk kayak is needed because tomorrow we will had a kayak scene..wee~..best2..huhu xD..after that we go to sleep,but there were so much mosquito n so hot in the tent that make me cannot sleep well,haih..I only sleep about one hour mayb at 4 a.m when the place became cold then suddenly at 5 a.m they alarmed the siren,wah2..so sleepy meh~!..all people must gathered,the one who arrived late must be punished to soaked thier body in the lake in the dam cold nigh..luckily I'm the last person who that survived..ha3 xD..all people behind me get the punishment..huhu xD..after that we had a bath and then had solat subuh togerther,but when I came back there were mangkuk2 still sleeping in the tent..hampagas tul depa neh..dah la siap kutuk2 aku lae 2 dah la x pi semayang..ish2...busuk sungguh perangai kataku sambil mengutuk2 mereka..ha3 xD...after breakast we had the laluan berhalangan,Its quate fun but burn alot of energy..huhu..then the times had come to had the most best part,the kayak riding..at first I'm not used to it..yela x pnah naik pun sebelum neh..huhu..after a few try,dayung kanan,dayung kiri..huhu..actualy we must done this simutaneosly to get to the full speed..huhu xD...we had race together and the faci bro seems so pro in this,but I manage 2 get atleast top 3 in speed racing...ha3 xD...after that we had a resque demo when kayak go upside down..huhu...its alot of fun.. ^^ ..I try,actualy when we are in the water,its gets very hard to climb up into the kayak,It takes me to try many time until I can get in again..tpi aku dok asa la,sbub aku pi dayung kayak laju2 kot time racing 2 kot yg buat tangan lenguh sampai x larat nk naik dah..ha3 xD...

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